Scalp Micropigmentation

Professional SMP & Skin Rejuvenation treatments at competitive prices

SMP Cost

Prices starts from £250 for a minor adjustment up to £1600 for Norwood 7 baldness.

All prices quoted are for the finished look which is achieved between 2-4 sessions. Restoration U offers the option to pay per session, which allows you to spread the cost over the course of the treatment duration.

Scalp micropigmentation prices vary per area treated. Our prices for male pattern baldness are based on the Norwood scale of baldness for men and the Ludwig scale of baldness for woman.

Treatments for trauma/hair transplant scars and alopecia are POA – We have a wealth of experience working with difficult cases, so feel free to contact us for expert advice and to explore your treatment goals.

Restoration U recognises the importance of being transparent and making or clients aware of the treatment costs up front. Your goals, personalised treatment plan and costs will be discussed during your free consultation which can take place remotely or face to face. Additionally, all our clients benefit from a lifetime 15% discount on top up sessions.


Skin Rejuvenation

Scalp Rejuvenation

£50 per session.

Prior to SMP we recommend scalp rejuvenation as a pre-treatment for any shaved head SMP client, particularly those who have experienced sun damage or who have dry or flaky skin. Opting for scalp rejuvenation prior to your SMP session rejuvenates and prepares the skin on the scalp so that we start with the best canvass possible, which ultimately leads to a better result.

Skin Peel and Microneedling (Plastic Cartridge)

£70 per session

£240 per block of 4 sessions

Skin Peel and Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy/ Metal Cartridge)

£90 per session

£320 per block of 4 sessions