Scalp Micropigmentation

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Scalp micropigmentation is a semi-permanent, non-surgical and non-invasive remedy to hair loss. It is a highly effective and realistic way to hide either a full head or specific areas of hair loss, thinning hair, alopecia patches and scars.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation / SMP?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive, permanent and affordable procedure. We are using specially designed micro needles to deposit pigment into the scalp to create the appearance of tiny hair follicles or short hair stubble. Hair follicle simulation can be performed on bald, receding, thinning clients and people who are looking to camouflage scars, burns or hair transplant scars and also people with medical conditions like alopecia or cancer.

How is Scalp Micropigmentation done?

Scalp micropigmentation – or SMP as it is commonly known – treatments are usually split over three separate sessions, although the actual time can vary depending on the extent of your hair loss, the style you require, and other factors.

During your treatments with Restoration U, micro needles are used to layer pigment dots on your scalp in a process that resembles getting a tattoo. But SMP is a highly technical, specialized process performed by our trained technicians. The tiny “dots” of pigment, placed in the dermal layer of skin, create the illusion of a full head of shaved hair, similar to multiple tiny tattoos.

Before your first SMP treatment, at a consultation, you will meet with one of our team who to discuss your requirements, including the shape of your hairline, its positioning, as well as the density and shade of your pigmentation. Our Restoration U technicians have been through the process themselves and will be able to give you honest insight into the process and it’s benefits.

During the first session, a tiny wound is created in the skin when each dot is applied. A scab heals over the wound and eventually falls away, taking some of the implanted pigment with it. Furthermore, the immune system attacks the pigments, causing them to shrink. This gradual “fading” of the dots varies from person to person which means you would need multiple sessions to get the required pigment shade.

A patient’s treatment session with Restoration U includes the application of different shades of pigmentation. Different shades are needed to enable some pigment deposits to stand out from among the rest. Lighter pigments are usually applied during the first session, while the next few sessions introduce the applications of darker shades.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation look natural?

Scalp micropigmentation is becoming more and more popular due to its natural and undetectable results.

We are proud to provide one of the most natural results in the industry. Each hairline design, hairline finish and follicle replication is customised according to our bespoke hairline design technique. We will match perfectly the shade based on your existing hair colour and skin tone so you do not need to worry about it. Check out our gallery for examples of our work.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation permanent?

For the majority of clients,the results last for 3-5 years depending on your lifestyle. We also recommend coming back for a top up session every 12-18 months to keep the colour and density looking fresh.

However on some rare occasions, the pigment can be rejected from the skin at a much higher rate which causes faster fading.

Our skin is a living organ and pigment fade over time due to excessive sweating, sun exposure, medication and many other factors.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation hurt?

9 out of 10 clients say no it doesn’t hurt. You may experience a little discomfort until your skin gets used to the feeling. You cannot compare it to conventional tattoos as we are working superficially as skin on the head is thin overall. We will also advise you on pre treatment protocol during our consultation to make sure you will have a pleasant experience with best possible results.

How long does a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment take?

On average it takes 2 – 4 hours per session. Usually 2/4 sessions in total. First session is longer due to hairline design and your overall expectations. You may also have more question to ask. The following sessions are shorter by about 30 minutes from the previous one.

Do I need time off after my Scalp Micropigmentation treatment?

No you do not. Scalp micropigmentation is non invasive with no downtime. Depending on your skin condition, redness may last up to 2 days but you still can continue with your daily routine. We will provide you with detailed after care instructions to follow so you can get the best results and stay safe.

How Is my hairline drawn?

We are proud of our bespoke hairline design technique. Each of our hairlines is customized to your face shape, skin tone, age and most importantly to your expectations. If you are not sure about the shape we will draw your new hairline during consultation so you can get used to it or suggest adjustments if desired.

Do I have to cut my hair short prior to a SMP application?

Yes and no. if your baldness is extensive then is more likely that you will need to shave it short to maintain the most natural results possible. If you are thinning and we can work with your existing hair then there is no need to shave it as we will add density or make your profiles more defined without the need to shave it off.

Can you perform Scalp Micropigmentation on men and woman?

Yes SMP can be performed on both male and female clients. There is no need to shave your head for density treatment as we will work within your existing hair. For females, SMP is essentially the only viable hair loss solution that drastically improves the appearance of hair thickness.

Can Scalp Micropigmentation be performed if I have grey hair?

If your hair goes grey you can still fully benefit from scalp micropigmentation. The base of the hair is always darker than actual hair so if you will keep it short your hair will appear darker. We will also use our shade selection to match your existing salt & pepper pattern so you will get you the most natural results possible.

What about aftercare?

It is important that you take the proper steps in the aftercare regime before enjoying the outcome of your scalp pigmentation treatment. Failing to do so can minimise the effectiveness of your results and can even cause damage to your health.

For the first 4 days after the scalp pigmentation procedure, there are several steps you should take care in following. Ensure to avoid:

  • Touching your scalp (unless absolutely necessary)

  • Wearing a cap, hat, helmet, or any other article of headwear that could irritate and rub your scalp

  • Washing your scalp

  • Exposing your head to any sunlight

  • Sweating

  • Shaving your scalp

  • Swimming

After the first 4 days, your scalp will have begun to heal and adjust to its new pigmentation. However, there are still steps you must follow, in order to achieve proper aftercare of your scalp micropigmentation procedure. For the next 3 days you should:

  • Wash your scalp daily, with water only

  • Moisturise your scalp daily, with an alcohol-free moisturiser

  • Shave your head gently, with care not to be abrasive

  • Apply sunscreen with at least SPF30 to your head, if you go into bright and direct sunlight

  • Wear a swimming cap when you swim

  • Avoid sweating excessively

  • Do not itch, pick, or scratch your scalp

After a week has passed, you should:

  • Wash and moisturise your scalp daily

  • Use shampoo is you so choose

  • Take care when shaving your scalp

  • Apply sunscreen with at least SPF30 when you go into strong sunlight.

Who is unsuitable for SMP?

– Under 18’s

– Pregnant or breast feeding women

– Anyone who is on blood thinning medication

– Anyone who had come off Roaccutane less than 6 months ago

If you have any medical conditions or skin/scalp conditions that you are concerned about, please get in touch for further advice