What Is Scalp Micropigmentation? 5 Important Questions Answered

by | Jul 10, 2024

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation or otherwise known as (SMP) is a form of cosmetic tattooing for men and women who are experiencing hair loss. The treatment is performed with a natural carbon based pigment and micro needle to deposit impressions into the epidermis to create the illusion of thicker hair and less visible scalp. When performed correclty its indistinguishable from actual hair. The procedure does not interfere with the hair follicles, yet it creates the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

Scalp Micropigmentation on crown before and after

How Does SMP Differ From a Tattoo?

SMP and traditional tattoos have similarities but a few important differences to note. Although many people liken micropigmentation to tattooing, the two procedures are not the same. We’ll discuss the primary differences below. 

When performing the SMP treatment we work on the top layer of skin, whereas a tattoo is on the base layer of the skin. Additionally, we use a natural carbon based pigment in the SMP treatment whereas a tattooist will use ink. This means that the SMP will just gradually fade over time and not change colour, whereas tattoos are known for their blue/green hue when they begin to fade.

So although there are clear similarities between the two treatments, there are very important differences – mainly technique/pigments and needles. If you are considering this treatment then it’s vital to go to a trained professional in SMP rather than a tattooist.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Painful?

Of course everyones pain threshold is different, however on a scale from 1- 10 with 1 being not painful at all and 10 being unbearable, most clients will say that its no more than a 3/4 out of 10 – most clients describe it as mildly uncomfortable. The common theme with clients is that from the mid scalp – crown, there’s much less sensitivity and a lot of clients fall asleep during this part of the treatment.

Post Hair Transplant – Can I still have SMP?

Yes, you absolutely can! We have a lot of clients that have opted for a hair transplant yet they still feel it lacks density, so they decide to have SMP as “the cherry on the cake”. The SMP will enhance your transplant, add density to areas of thinning and visible scalp and it does not cause any damage to the newly implanted hair follicles.

On the other hand, we also see a number of clients that are experiencing hair loss but they are not ready to go down the surgical route of a transplant. In this case, they feel that SMP would “tide them over” for a few years to help disguise their hair loss and give them the confidence boost they need until they feel ready for a transplant.

The two treatments complement each other very well.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of SMP?


Instant results / Guaranteed results / no down time needed / looks just like hair /affordable


Not real hair / needs an occasional top up / takes 3 sessions to complete

For more information on Scalp Micropigmentation, check out the link – https://www.restorationu.co.uk/scalp-micropigmentation/

Restoration U offer free consultations where you can meet with Anya & Akis and discuss whether or not SMP would be a suitable option for you.